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Portfolio Resources Group, Inc.
800 Brickell Avenue, Suite 903
Miami, Florida 33131

Voice: 305-372-0299
Fax: 305-372-0499

Main Office
Antonio Camejo, Co-Chair, CEO - Ext. 405
Juan Ignacio Sosa, Co-Chair, COO - Ext. 406
Sharon Vernon, CFO - Ext. 408
Nancy Baquero, VP, CISO - Ext. 404
Monica Vaca, Operations Manager - Ext. 409
Belkis Jorge, Asst. Operations Manager - Ext. 403
Cristina Sosa, Asst. Operations/Cashiering
Maria M. Fernandez, Asst. Operations - Ext. 416
Ramon Abascal, Asst. Operations
Reinaldo Moleiro, Asst. Operations - Ext. 402
Raul Vera Lafee, AML Compliance Asst - Ext. 401

Advisory Council
Jose M. Maraver, Director - Ext. 407
Carmen Elena Sosa, Ext. 691
Douglas Goldstein, CFP®
Thomas L. Moser
José Gonzalo Muci
Miguel Octavio
Domestic Associates
Foster Financial Services
Stephen Foster, CFP®, ChFC
Uniwealth Advisors
Stefano Fanfani
Impact Investing Division
J. Christopher Cogswell, AIF® CCIP®
Ann-Marja Lander, CFP®, AIF®
Brian T. Laverty
Joyce K. Moore, ChFC, LUTCF
Thomas L. Moser
Pamela Stamper-Brandt, CFP®, AIF®
Krista Strohoffer, CFP®, AIF®
Saratoga Springs NY - Impact Investing Division
Harry Moran, CFP®, AIF®
International Associates
Jerusalem, Israel
Lighthouse Capital Ltd.
Aaron Katsman
Tali Golan
Rachel Weiss
Profile Investment Services
Douglas Goldstein, CFP®
Naomi Grossman
Sandy Ohana
Yoram Ohana
BatSheva Goldstein

Panama City, Panama
Grupo Solfin Valores

Madrid, Spain
Capital Management Resources, Ltd.
Cristina Sosa de Mora
Caracas, Venezuela
Grupo Portafolio Resources
Carmen Elena Sosa
Andrea Monteverde
Aibory Mora
Miguel Octavio
Jose Gonzalo Muci
Carolina White
Allen Brewer
Diana Arreaza
Eduardo Valera
CCG Wealth Management Ltd.
Carlos Rizzolo
Selected Assets Management
Gustavo Degwitz
Leopoldo Sabater
Caleb White
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Insurance Group

Portfolio Resources Group (PRG), is a Licensed Insurance Agency.

Pershing LLC., a subsidiary of
The Bank of New York Mellon Corp.

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Pinnacle Insurance &
Financial Services, LLC.

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Insurance and Annuity Services

Portfolio Resources Group’s insurance and annuity department is a comprehensive resource that ensures you will get the best solutions to meet your needs. Call your advisor today to begin planning for your future goals.

Life Insurance
Life can be confusing and complicated at times, including the decision to purchase life insurance. Understanding different types of life insurance and when they are appropriate should ultimately be left to knowlegeable professionals, but it’s important to make sure you have a basic understanding of the different types of life insurance policies and how they can meet your needs.

Term Life Insurance
• Not permanent (coverage lasts for a set period of time)
• No cash value component
• Guaranteed returns

Whole Life Insurance
• Permanent policy
• Provides protection while serving as an asset accumulation vehicle
• Premiums can be set at an annual fixed rate or increase with age

Indexed Universal Life Insurance
• Permanent policy
• Combines term insurance with a market rate of return
• Returns are not guaranteed

Variable Universal Life Insurance
• Permanent policy
• Has an investment fund tied to a stock or bond mutual-fund investment
• Returns are not guaranteed

Are you looking for a safe – secure – guaranteed stream of income during retirement?

Fixed and indexed annuities provide guaranteed lifetime income with the potential of stock market-linked growth. With these annuities, you get upside growth potential without risking losses in an unstable market environment.


Financial Planning & Insurance

Insurance is an important part of an over-all financial plan. One of our associates can help you integrate insurance into your asset allocation strategy through our strategic partnership with Pinnacle Insurance, a premier insurance platform providing access to major carriers.
Contact one of our associates today.

Products Offerings

American Fidelity
American General
American National
Banner Life
John Hancock
Lincoln National
Minnesota Life
Mutual of Omaha
National Life
New York Life
North American
Pacific Life
Pan American
Protective Life
State Life