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What are we doing to our one and only body?

We have added this new section to our "Impact Investing" website to open a discussion on issues related to health and nutrition. Our aim is to educate our friends and clients, and where possible, to highlight investable ideas and trends. We welcome your questions and comments.
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Dermatologists have told us to avoid over-exposure to sunlight. New research is now telling us we may not be getting enough.
A small portion of sunlight known as UVB
rays, available primarily during the summer months between the hours of 10:00AM and 3:00PM, is vital to every cell in our body. Could this explain why the flu strikes mainly during the winter months when we get reduced exposure to sunlight?
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vitamin d

Recent research indicates that just about everyone may be deficient in vitamin D, the "sunshine vitamin." Merely being outdoors or drinking vitamin D fortified milk may not be enough to maintain healthy levels of this important substance in our body. Insufficient vitamin D levels are implicated in diseases as far ranging as cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, heart disease, and many auto-immune disorders, to name only a few.
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We all know how to eat, right? Or do we? We are learning more and more that not only what we eat, but how and when we eat, can have a tremendous impact on our weight, energy, and general well-being.


What can our ape cousins and wild animals teach us about nutrition and eating?

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We are surrounded by all kinds of invisible and silent 'noise.' Electronic gadgets have transformed our lives and have become indispensable companions. The radio transmitters in our cellphones, the WiFi in
our laptops, and even the electric motor and batteries in a hybrid car emit electromagnetic energy. Should cells phones be held close to our brains, and should laptops really be sitting on our laps?

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It is getting more difficult to find uncontamin-ated sources of fresh drinking water for most of the world's population. Analysts are telling us that potable water may be the next "oil boom." But is the move to bottled water the right solution? Or is tap water really a safe alternative? (Click here for more details)



Peace and quiet may be just what the doctor ordered, but do we get enough? Experts believe that the stress and noise in most modern cities is detrimental to our physical and mental health. We are all too familiar with the effects of work related stress, but is daily background noise possibly debilitating our immune system and even making us sick?
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vitamin d

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